January 2019

Backpacking Information on Oman

28 January 2019 Bez kategorii

WHAT IS OMAN E-VISA? This is an internet program (site) that allows you to submit an application, pay and also obtain your visa info when it has been granted. It is specific to vacationers visiting the Sultanate of Oman and accredited owners of this e-visa can enter Oman for a specific time period. Why Don’t You GO TO AN EMBASSY? You may stay far away from the embassy and this web platform can hasten the whole procedure for you whilstRead More

India visa application

25 January 2019 Bez kategorii

What’s eVisa to India – Application procedure and prerequisites Indian eVisa: A key-card for accessing the unthinkable destinations India is home to unfathomable natural beauty, advancement, historical and also pre-historic sites, deserts, mountain tops, woodlands, rivers, and seas. But, each year millions of people from all across the globe not merely come here to embrace nature but also for business, health-related, work, as well as other purposes. As the reasons for entry into the country are different, the types ofRead More

Australia Visa Types

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What exactly is eTA Australia ? Coming to the country of Australia for a trip on a short-term basis can be applied using the tourist visa. Typically, these visas will last for three months, however we’ve got certain kinds of travel visas that can be extended even to over year which is the Australian visa online, eTA Australia. ETA (Electronic travel application) visa is the type of Australian travel visa which is acquired electronically. Having ETA visas you’re able toRead More

Cambodia – What Every Traveler Needs To Know

23 January 2019 Bez kategorii

What exactly is e Visa to Cambodia ? ( ELECTRONIC TRAVEL AUTHORIZATION (eTA), TO Cambodia) and what is prerequisites What is e visa Cambodia? Just as the name suggests, an e-Visa to Cambodia is an electronic document that’s obtained through online application which gives access to any person that is going to travel to Cambodia including visiting all of the locations they may wish while in Cambodia. In this fast-paced decision-making time, a lot of advancement has been brought toRead More

Australia Visa Requirements – Australia Travel Requirements

3 January 2019 Bez kategorii

What is eTA Australian Visa and who is it designated for The eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) is the authorization to enter the area of Australia and it’s digitally linked to your passport . The Australia eTA visa lets you visit Australia as a vacationer or perhaps for commercial reasons. The visa has got a length of 12 months with a maximum stay of three months for every vacation. The eTA Australia visa is multi-entry, which means that you are ableRead More